Unofficial YFB Staking Explained

3 min readSep 23, 2020


Here I’ll walk through the steps of interacting with the test YFBeta NFT staking contract, which you can find here:

1) Switching to Ropsten

To begin, you’ll need MetaMask, and you’ll need to point it to use the Ropsten test network instead of mainnet. (Don’t forget to switch back after you’re done!)

Swap to Ropsten

2) Getting test ether on Ropsten

Next, you’ll need some test ether in your account so you can interact with the contract. Head over to the Ropsten Faucet to get some:

Get test ether

3) Head to the staking portal

Now you’re ready to stake! Head over to the staking portal:

The staking portal

First, you’ll need to connect the front-end to the blockchain, so hit Connect Wallet and select MetaMask from the prompt. (Remember to make sure you’re on Ropsten!)

Next, you’ll need some fake YFB tokens to stake. Enter in any small amount (anywhere from 1–100 is a reasonable range) and hit the GET FAKE YFB button. Hit the approve dialog, and you’ll soon see the fake YFB in your wallet as available to stake.

Then, hit the approve button and approve the transaction. You’ll only need to do this once.

Then, enter in any amount you wish to stake, and hit the Stake button. Approve the transaction, and you’re all done!

Soon after, you’ll see a small gem on the Growing tab on the left. At any point, you can hit the Mine Gem button to mint a custom Gem NFT!

Here is how Gem mining works: A Gem has a color that’s determined by the amount that you stake. Its size is dependent on how long you’ve staked it for. The longer before you hit the Mine Gem button, the bigger the gem. After you mine, your time will reset, so you’ll need to grow the next gem from a tiny size all over again. You can keep mining as long as your YFB is locked up.

If you want to add more YFB, you’ll need to withdraw first. You do that by hitting the Withdraw All button and confirming the dialog.

4) Check out your gems!

You can check out all of the Gems you’ve mined on the gem portal here:

Tiny gems

Once again, hit Connect Wallet to sync up to the blockchain, and you should see your Gems displayed!

Gems are an ERC-721 token so they are interoperable with other platforms like Rarible and OpenSea. If you purchased any other Gems, they’ll also show up here!

5) What’s next?

Please have fun with this testnet version. If you notice any bugs, please file them on the GitHub here:

If all goes well, I’ll push for the mainnet release soon!

Happy mining!